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Hive Capitalism 

The 10,000 year run of the cult of private wealth accumulation has mostly failed us. Mother Earth is kicking back and for many whatever comes, will be disruptive and unpleasant. The aforementioned threat is real. However, must all suffer and what precisely shall we do about all this? 

Parking capital in the coffers of an elite few, putting morality aside, is simply unacceptably inefficient.  

Moreover the interconnected digital world, has grotesquely distorted our natural tendency to cooperate into a destructive abomination. Instead of nurturing individuality our binary avatars have become soldiers of in-group bias, concentrating us into likeminded groups. Comrades to a few and enemies to all else. Including ourselves 

Thus we have been indoctrinated into a death cult of the amassing of individual wealth at all costs, of Competition over Collaboration. We perceive humanity as groups not humans, self as group not soul. 

The solution is not about redistribution of wealth or other impossible measures - it’s about what shall we choose to do with the wealth we are about to create! 

Those holding the capital cards are perhaps 1 billion times more wealthy. What could possibly overcome this magnitude of disparity?  It is the power of the mind and true self, repentant, re-directed, revived. Specifically, it is the power of each interconnected revitalized soul, cooperating together, each following their bliss mission, generating capital, the surplus of which is shared equally.  And with each added member, the power grows exponentially, soon eclipsing our folly and forging a new way. 

Let us form a scaffolding that allows participants to sculpt a web of bliss energy that joyfully tangles us together. Thus manifesting a village where each citizen rides the currents of Devine flow, interwoven. For it is this flow state, that sustains our souls.  The garden of Eden before shame.

To repeat, one person actualized in Bliss flow added to another exponentially grows the bliss energy. 

This bliss flow may seem intangible and hypothetical but we are incorporating something acutely real. Bliss flow is joyful tasks that benefit our culture, infused with the love energy of Mother Earth and the others who have gathered here (and likely generating profit).  All built on a shared wisdom ensuring sustainability despite our egos and flaws.  

Certainly in Viroqua and the Driftless we already participate in a spontaneously formed primordial cooperative society.  Now is the moment and place to formally organize into hive capitalism. Mission Driven Cooperative Companies Owned by Shareholders. One share equals one vote. No hierarchy; there is no guru upon a throne to disappoint us. In fact, each member is a guru. And when it is our time to lead, it is accomplished with service and selflessness.

 The vision - create wealth generating cooperative ventures which fill cooperative coffers. Then supply capital for additional worthy projects. And of course, celebrate and appreciate. 

Our mission: to leave a lasting positive effect.

The timeline, 70 generations of our descendants, living within a society, we are poised to revise and optimize. 

Thus, I propose to you, hive capitalism.  Now is the place and the time to energize our tribal mind (and our tribal banking).  



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