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I've been experimenting with movie making since I was a child.  I'm still a child, I guess.

Included here are few of my films.  They're mostly experimental, abstract, and simple personal expressions as I slowly attempt to learn the craft.

My goal is to eventually finish an indie feature film, with the working title Viroqua the Movie.  I've yet to complete the screenwriting but goes something like this...

The film has the feel of a non-fiction travelogue, or documentary.  Naturally, the setting is Viroqua.  We follow a man in present day as he returns to his small town from the big, bad city.  Divorced, a bit broken, but hopeful to find a new path.  Sound familiar?  In Viroqua the Movie, we uncover a father's messages to his son, from thousands of years in the future.  There has been a cataclysmic depopulation event involving ice ages - like those from just 12,000 years ago.  The Earth, of course, is unimaginably different than it is today.  Yet, part of ourselves endures and actually prospers, the future tribe of us.  Turns out the message is from future versions of us, descendants, if you will, 12,000 years from now - living in the same portion of the Earth as we do today, this Driftless sanctuary.  The Driftless has somehow survived every prior ice age.  As the story progresses we realize how similar the tales are to stories from peoples who lived exactly here 12,000 years in the past.  They are all us, coexisting simultaneously in the same spacetime, though in parallel realities of sorts.  Their lives are not that different from ours.  They have the same struggles and the same love.  It's as if our souls have persisted unchanged, as the environment expands and twists about us over the Milena.  But it's really a simple child's fable.  Important stories we spin for our children and our tribe.  More on this to come.



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