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Magical Partial bright

half Moonlit night 

 not so distant coulee

Peer into forest Might

that animal eyes I see?


 don't think so


 shadowing moon on

Magical Partial bright   

gravel drive  bends

To Stretch of tall grass

moment of midnight 

Beginning and ends


Woody mist 

From Your campfire douse 

Lingers about

its Stellar radience 

like old time moviehouse

The oak trees aloft

'top of the ridge 

whisper loudly 

it's blowing almost harshly

 While deep 

in this groove

 it's nearly all calm

  and nothing's asleep


Then fireflys,

My God, the fireflies!

There's you and moon and me

 displaying cryptic lightcodes

Comprised of shadows 


  And eyes !

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