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July 3, 2005: We've returned from the Philippines... Discovering the Source - Our journey back to the town of Talisay, Batangas, Philippines... where our father and aunts were raised, and our ancestors toiled, loved, created, died... where their souls linger in eternal bliss.

This short film is in part is a search for who we truly are, and how we can embrace that self once again.

Mid-Summer 2005 my Father, Sister Rachel, and Independent Filmmaker David Macasaet traveled to my Dad's hometown to see my ailing 95 year-old grandmother and visit with other family. We also explored my Grandfather's life and legacy; he passed away in 1977, but clearly lives on to this day in spirit.

Along the way we discovered much about our own lives, dreams, and souls. Almost all of the places we visited and people we me were unplanned and unscripted... we simply followed the gentle hand of our forefather's living energy, being led from moment to moment by this unseen love.

Here, in five parts....



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