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Farewell to an E.R.

[Novice editing (and guitar) here, but this one means a lot to me.]



I am an ER doctor.... A Short Film of life at Mt. Sinai, a level 1 trauma center, where I have worked and taught for eleven years... a home I am poised to leave... a family I am about to embrace... as I depart.
It has been like a medical mission, to the far reaches of Chicago's wild West-side... the murder capital of this fulgent American city.
Our patients are often the poorest the city coldly holds... some without even a home, a family, some.... without even their sanity.
It is an environment where the absurd is expected... and the norm is a surprise.
We can be filled with rage, sometimes even hate, malice, selfishness....
But the wonderment, when compassion,
and even love
bleed through the absurdity...


In my waining days
at a medieval battlefield hospital
a little more
every day
miles from the Kings and Ladies
we suffer the butchery
and the anguish of tears
that no but us
the dead hears



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