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Welcome to The Vital Man's Podcast show notes (TESTING ONLY)

First episode coming soon....

Lamont is a licensed psychotherapist and Tai Chi master.  Dr. T is a board-certified emergency physician and medical director.  Together we co-host The Vital Man's Podcast...

We're excited to share our insights into restoring vitality after the age of 40....  This upcoming podcast with feature a unique combination of strengthening and meditation. We'll also discuss a variety of other wellness topics from food to pharmacy.

While open to anyone, our target audience is the man over forty - looking for a sustainable daily practice that will both build muscle and provide a time to meditate... a means to restore your critical vitality!

My co-host and I will teach you an easy to learn freestyle Tai Chi where half the movement is dynamic tension [think 'isometric' but with movement!] of multiple muscle groups followed by relaxation and mediation as the movement arc continues.  We then repeat this in a variety of different ways (you can even make your own moves up and teach us!).  You're basically forcefully contracting your muscles as they move and then relaxing as you continue this in cycles. 

By strongly firing numerous opposing muscles groups using near maximal effort you will achieve results on par with free weights without the concomitant risk of injury and burn out.  These actions will boost testosterone naturally and contribute to overall wellbeing and health.  You can perform the workout anywhere, without any equipment and for free.

The meditation phase is simple and without rules.  Don't be turned off by the term... it's just a quite mind focusing on serenity, gratitude and forgiveness.

Our ultimate goal is balance ... balance between agonist and antagonist muscles, between fierceness and humility, between you as warrior and you as lover...

  thus optimizing body, brain and soul.